Meet Dondra Williams: MSW Community Practice Intern of the Year

June 9, 2021
Dondra Williams

“Dondra’s personal values align with service, integrity, and dignity, and she upholds these values while maintaining a sense of worth on the survivor. She appreciates and meets people where they are in terms of being diverse with different cultural and social values,” said Amanda Carpenter, task supervisor of Dondra Williams, the GSSW’s MSW Community Practice Intern of the Year.

Dondra began classes at the Garland School of Social Work’s online program in May of 2019. She said Baylor felt like the right place for her to pursue her master's degree because of the prioritization of the ethical integration of faith and practice, especially because of the influence her faith has had on her life choices to become a social worker.

“I believe that social work is my calling, as I understand that my God-given purpose on earth is to spread the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus was a servant leader that offered love, hope, protection, provision, healing, and redemption to all. Jesus was particularly sensitive to those that were depressed, oppressed, marginalized, hopeless, and in need,” Dondra said.

Wanting to serve these populations led Dondra to pursue internships at Bethany Christian Services, a foster care and adoption center, and more recently, Rape Counselors of East Alabama.

“As an intern, Dondra dedicated her time to researching and learning about sexual assault and how to better serve survivors by working one on one with RCEA’s prevention educator and victim advocates to better serve our community by educating others and helping spread awareness,” Amanda said. “Dondra is committed to better educating herself on sexual assault to be more competent to avoid inflicting unnecessary additional harm to the survivor.”

Dondra just recently graduated with her MSW, and her plans include taking a position as the Prevention Education Coordinator and Sexual Assault Advocate at the Rape Counselors of East Alabama, as well as to travel and spend quality time with her husband, children, parents and sisters “who have sacrificed much and supported me unwavering, which allowed me the freedom and grace needed to obtain my degree.”

“My goal is to live my life as God directs and guide people affected by trauma toward healing,” Dondra said.

Sic, 'Em, Dondra! We are so proud to call you one of our own.