Diana R. Garland School of Social Work SGN Ceremony: Education Solid Gold Neighbor

January 29, 2020
Solid Gold Neighbor GSSW

December 2019, Baylor's Diana R. Garland School of Social Work alongside Baylor's Office of External Affairs honored the BEAR Project as a Solid Gold Neighbor. The BEAR (Be Emotionally Aware and Responsive) Project, a collaboration between Baylor and Waco ISD, seeks to engage schools and families in the development of internal and external emotional resources that contribute to the social and academic success of children and, ultimately, strengthen Waco’s schools, families and community.

Healthy communities are the product of healthy relationships. Healthy relationships require trust, commitment, hard work, and the development of skills that equip people to cross boundaries and bridge gaps. The BEAR Project aims to help build rich learning environments where all can thrive and grow. Kids need to stay in the classroom in order to learn and improve academically. BEAR Project staff teach pro-social skills and emotional and behavioral regulation to students with the aim of functioning well in a classroom environment.

The program would not be possible without the time and dedication of Waco ISD and School of Social Work Faculty, task supervisors, and interns, many of which work in Waco ISD. The following were recognized for their contributions to the BEAR Project:

Waco ISD & School of Social Work Staff & Faculty
Carrie Arroyo, LCSW Senior Lecturer and BEAR Project Coordinator
Kerri Fisher, LCSW Lecturer
Mary Zane Nelson, LMSW, BEAR Project Assistant

Previous Interns Currently Working in Waco ISD
Allison Malcolm, Alta Vista Elementary
Wade Mackey, Brook Avenue Elementary
Cheryl Moore, Brook Avenue Elementary
Clair Chapman, Carver Middle School
Sarah West, J.H. Hines Elementary
Courtney Spink, Provident Heights Elementary

Task Supervisors
Lindsey Helton, Alta Vista Elementary
Clair Champan, Carver Middle School
Larryl Curtis, G. L. Wiley Opportunity Center
Melody Herring, G. L. Wiley Opportunity Center
Sonia Shah, Indian Spring Middle School
Robin Newman, J. H. Hines Elementary

(Story first appeared on the SGN website.)