PhD Grad Delivers TEDx Talk at Azusa Pacific

November 25, 2017
Tedx Talk

Our very first PhD graduate, Regina Trammel, PhD '16, recently presented a TEDx Talk on Using Mindfulness to Deal with Everyday Pressures. Dr. Trammel is on faculty at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California, where the conference was held. She successfully defended her dissertation back in August 2016, and became the first doctoral candidate to receive her PhD in Social Work from Baylor University.

Click here to watch her TEDx talk.

"Modern life is stressful, and in truth, most of us aren’t handling it well. In this informative talk, drawn from research in social work and religion, Dr. Regina Chow Trammel explores how the ancient practices of mindfulness can enable all of us to transcend the pressures of life. Learn how to gain mindfulness skills and make use of your whole capacity as a human being: body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Regina Chow Trammel has a background in clinical social work practice, which includes more than a decade in private practice in the Chicago area, as well as experience in psychiatric and medical social work settings. Her area of clinical focus has been in the treatment of depression, anxiety, postpartum mood disorders, sexual abuse history, family conflict, self-injury, and eating disorders. Regina is an assistant professor in the Master of Social Work [at Azusa Pacific University]. Her research focuses on the effects of a Christian-informed mindfulness intervention as an alternative to traditional Buddhist-informed mindfulness on stress management."