New GML Cohort Begins Journey

October 25, 2017
GML 2017-2018 Cohort

In August, a new cohort of students began their Global Mission Leadership journey at the Garland School. This group is our fourth cohort in this program, and we are already proud of the work these students are doing.

Above, from left to right, are: Belinda Onyango, from Nairobi Kenya; Elizabeth Mukasa, from Kampala, Uganda; Atanas Mzee, from Eldoret, Kenya; and Emily Lamunu, from Kampala, Uganda.

From Belinda, "By working closely with partners such as the church and government within the community, I hope to build self esteem, provide spiritual enrichment, and build social and intellectual skills to help teenage mothers become self sufficient."

From Elizabeth, "I believe, through the work of my teachers, social workers and mentors, I am a better person and my generation is bound to be impacted by the simple act of education."

From Atanas, "I have a great desire to change situations in my society. I want to be able to engage with political, corporate, and church leadership international partners in a professional way and together, find solutions."

From Emily, "At my church, we say 'celebrating Christ and caring for community,' and I would like to be a ready practitioner and advocate for a cared for, empowered community."

We are excited about the rich experiences these students bring to the Garland School of Social Work. To learn more about the GML program, go to