Dissertations Defended, Hooding Ceremonies Celebrated

October 25, 2017

Two more students from our very first PhD cohort added new titles in front of their names this summer. Congratulations are in order two very special graduates, one in May and one in August ... DR. Erin Olson and DR. Lori Sousa!

Erin became our second graduate of the program and flew in from Iowa to participate in the spring graduation ceremonies. She serves on faculty at Dordt College, and her research is expanding our understandings of vocation and professional identity as Christians. Her dissertation is entitled “Called to Serve: Empirical Explorations and a Review of Calling and the Social Work Profession.”

Lori, on faculty at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York, successfully defended her dissertation in July, and it is entitled “Faithful Engagement: An Exploration of the Nature and Role of Values in Social Policy Practice.” Lori walked the stage during summer commencement in August, just two weeks after defense! Way to go, Lori!

Congratulations to all of our graduates! In addition to Erin and Lori, we celebrated with our first graduate, Regina Trammel, in summer 2016!